Obsessions make my life worse and my work better

-Stefan Sagmeister

I have long been passionate about the process of creating. Before getting involved with computer graphics, I spent a lot of time drawing despite the fact that my parents regarded it as a poor way to advance their ambitions for me to become a doctor or lawyer. In my youth, I would invent board games and spend more time developing levels for video games than actually playing them. I have been coding websites and playing with Photoshop since before the turn of the millenium, completing numerous freelance projects for clients in my spare time. Wanting to find a way to merge both my artistic and analytical strengths, I enrolled at Cornell University and earned a degree in Information Science with a concentration in Human-Centered Systems.

My professional background combines a unique blend of experience in technology product management, information design, and operational management across various business areas. In the office, I have developed a reputation as the go-to expert on design and data presentation amongst both my peers and bosses. I love getting involved with hands-on work and I am equally comfortable wireframing and whiteboarding high-level ideas as I am building and scrutinizing pixel-perfect details.

I believe that a balanced life is a good life, and that inspiration benefits from the input of a diversity of experiences. I try often to indulge in my other hobbies, which cluster around photography, music, food, and motorsports. I also always love a great film, and while I am especially receptive to post-apocalyptic/dystopian sci-fi or historical epics featuring ample hand-to-hand combat, I am generally happy to watch anything with a decent score on Rotten Tomatoes.